Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Experiment Design

Our experiment consists of two parts. Teaching followed by stimulation through questioning.

For our teaching part we will impart lectures and record them. This will be shown to the learners.

Following this the learners will be provided with questions for which they will answer. Questions will look like the following:

3 x 4 = ?

If the learner answers 12 then a message of following type will be sent

Good job!
5 x 2 = ?

and so on.

After 5 questions, the learner's responses will be assessed to select the next set of questions. We have formed different levels of questions based on their difficulty. So in each batch of 5 questions, the number of questions answered correctly are replaced by questions from next level and the rest are from the same level.

We will be conducting this experiment on 20th

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