Thursday, July 22, 2010

The experiment

We conducted our first test of SMS teaching system and the first exposure was very positive. We gave a short lecture on the subject matter which we also recorded (Videos to be uploaded shortly). The reason to record is so that we can provide the basic knowledge without the need to have trained professionals online or at site. Then we opened up the lines for SMS games. We had a smallish group of 7 participants ranging from cleaning staff to cashiers at our university.

The response was heartening. All the participants were eager to learn but due to financial constraints were not able to. Most were pressed into jobs at an early age because they had to earn to keep food on the table in their houses.

Initially they were skeptical but as they got the hang of the game they started enjoying it. Whats more when we looked at the stats it seemed like they were getting better at the topics (multiplication and word problems) as they kept on playing.. as they say practice makes perfect.

So we will have the interviews of the participants and of lectures up shortly so keep on checking us out on this blog.

Ciao for now
education through SMS team
(Fahad, Oumair and Muzammal)

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  1. Its g8 to hear tht some ppl in our country have started sth to educate the less privileged citizens... it is heartenin to find tht the participants of the game responded very positively and enjoyed the game... i suggest tht they r sent some balance (or some other incentive) in return when they successfully complete a certain level... and even if they keep failing, they shld b sent atleast the amount required to reply through sms... i mean there shld b sth for them to keep themselves in the game n learn sth from the program... if v remember, most of them left their education coz of poverty...